Here are some comments from members of the audience and musicians on the Music Festival held in May 2012 –

“The music festival was a triumph.  You, and your team excelled yourselves.  Undoubtedly one of the best festivals I have had the privilege of attending, both from the music & organisational aspects.  Everything ran so smoothly, the music was varied, & performed to an exceptionally high standard, with the maximum amount of enthusiasm and good will.  A feast of music, which will hopefully remain vivid in our minds  until the next time.
I almost forgot to compliment you on the way you included so many school choirs & orchestras in the festival – what a remarkable experience for young people in Zimbabwe to have the opportunity to perform alongside such talented musicians”.

“WOW, is the only way to describe the fantastic week of the 8th Festival.  The music was outstanding this year and I think maybe the best yet.  A lot of variety, and of course the wonderful Song of the Carnivores and Carmina Burana.  We would like to thank you and your committee most sincerely for an amazing 5 days in Bulawayo  –  blissfully cut off from the rest of the world listening to an endless supply of amazing performances.  You really have created an incredible festival with so many positive spin offs for the promotion of music for those less privileged young Zimbabweans”.


“Sorry for delay in telling you that that Carmina Burana was absolutely top class; in fact world class! Howard and I are not into that kind of music but it was really fantastic! You could easily take this on tour throughout the world and I am almost certain that you would have full houses every night.   Many thanks to you, the Academy, all the talent that was brought in to produce such a performance, and obviously most of all, those who performed that night; It was just so very special”.

“Please forgive my delay in writing to thank you and EVERYONE concerned in making this year’s festival the best ever, and the most memorable!   The innumerable hours of work, dedication and manifold problems you had to contend with must have taken years off your lives!!   But the rewards must be that we all had a blast!!   And we loved almost every moment – the exception being the Petroc saga!   We do hope that he has recovered from his ordeal and he has recovered completely from his injury. There were so many highlights – but for me The Song of the Carnivores (we were at the first session) and The Carnival of the Animals (with Richard Sisson’s inimitable commentary) stood out – but we loved it ALL!!!!   So THANK YOU and congratulations, and looking forward to the next one!”


To be able to meet a lot of fellow musicians for the first time and bond with them quickly through making music and then share that bond with a receptive audience (as the Bulawayo audiences always seem to be) is one of life’s great joys, and continuously reminds me why I want to be a musician. I hope you’ll have me back in future years – time, money and programming desires permitting!”

I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for the wonderful opportunity you gave to me in inviting me to be a part of such a wonderful festival and trip.  I had an amazing time in that the people there are delightful, the music performed was beautiful and exceptional”.


“I enjoyed the festival immensely and was thrilled to be part of it! Everyone was so welcoming and warm and the audience so appreciative, it was a real pleasure. I would particularly love to do more workshops next time and found the collaborations with school children really exciting and fulfilling!”

“The festival was very special and certainly an experience I will never forget. I had a great time meeting you and everyone involved. It was a great pleasure and joy performing to the people there tremendously.   What moved me is the humility of all the people. The love for the music and apart from anything it made us musicians feel that our talent and what we had to bring was needed and appreciated”.