The Chalmers Park Library plays a supportive role in providing resources required by the students, teaching staff and even researchers in meeting their information needs. It holds over 6000 materials which include books, magazines, pamphlets, gramophone records, video cassettes, radio cassettes, DVDs, CDs among other materials. The library is a special one in that the materials housed in it cover only a wide range of areas within the broad fields of music and performing arts only such as classical music, operas, ballets, musicals, folk songs, jazz etc.
Among our collection are works by popular classical music composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Brahms, Elgar, Hayden, Wagner, the Strauss family with Johann Strauss II believed to have been the world’s FIRST music superstar among others. Other popular works in the collection include works of Gilbert & Sullivan, Britten, Verdi et cetera in opera as well as the famous ballets of Swan Lake (considered by many to be the greatest classical ballets of all time) and Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky among other ballets.

The library is arguably the best resourced of its kind in the country and any would be researcher would benefit quite a lot by making use of the it and the materials also has been used by visiting musicians or performers from outside the country and they have been impressed with the resources housed in it. Primary and high students can also benefit from the library as well as it does have a section dedicated them including music beginners.